Amber Lounge Monaco partner Veuve du Vernay offer their best kept secrets to creating a taste of French flair. Glinting, gold and fizzing with vitality, this tantalising French sparkling wine transmits France’s timeless elegance and energy.

Over 40 countries are lucky enough to enjoy the signature bubbles.

Here’s what Veuve du Vernay had to say:

Our customers say…

It’s “stunning and refreshing”, “beautiful and fun bottle” and the US Ultimate Wine Challenge commends the brand’s “great value”.

Did you know?…

The Veuve du Vernay Ice Rosé obtained a gold medal at the International Rosé Wine Challenge 2018.

Food and recipes we recommend to accompany a glass of Veuve du Vernay Ice…
It’s excellent on its own… but tapas dishes, bruschetta and also desserts are a nice match to the wine.

Veuve du Vernay is the perfect fit for Amber Lounge…
Veuve du Vernay is really a successful brand, available in many countries worldwide. In the USVeuve du Vernay was qualified “Hot prospects imported wine for 2017 performance by Juan Banaag Shanken’s impact”, so it’s a perfect fit for Amber Lounge.

Our signature recipes for a sparkling wine cocktail…

Veuve du Vernay TROPICAL

3 to 5 ice cubes
5 slices of Mango
Veuve du Vernay Ice

Veuve du Vernay LIME

3 to 5 ice cubes
3 spoons of fresh lime juice
mix with Veuve du Vernay Ice


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Enjoy Veuve du Vernay at Amber Lounge Monaco, May 24-26.