It feels like the 2017 FIA Formula 1 World Championship® only just got started, but those Grands Prix are already coming thick and fast!

And what a season it is shaping up to be! It was incredible to see Ferrari back on the top step of the podium at the 2017 curtain-raiser in Melbourne, after such a long victory-drought. Here in Monaco, we could almost hear the celebrations just along the coast in Italy. But then Mercedes punched back in China and the podium could shape up very differently again in Bahrain.

Podiums. Celebrations. Monaco. That’s a cocktail we’ve enjoyed many times during Amber Lounge’s reign as the ultimate F1 after-party and curator of the very best Grand Prix entertainment experiences. The Monaco Grand Prix is where it all started for Amber Lounge. It used to be our flagship event, though we now have several of those on four different continents. But, it certainly remains the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the F1 calendar and preparations are already underway for this prestigious occasion.

Every F1 driver wants to win the Monaco Grand Prix. Given that F1 just got a whole lot more competitive for 2017, we’re sure they’ll take a win at any circuit, of course, but then, Monaco is no ordinary circuit. It is the ultimate test of skill, demanding technical excellence from teams and sheer bravery from drivers. Racing on the winding streets of Monte Carlo requires 100% concentration, but when there ‘is’ time to ease off the gas a little, breathtaking views across the French Riviera, Port Hercule’s plethora of elegant yachts and the fusion of international jet-set, film stars, Formula 1 teams, drivers and discerning Followers of the sport are just a few of the happy distractions one can soak up as part of the unrivalled Monaco Grand Prix experience.

To win in Monaco places a driver’s name alongside an illustrious list of Formula 1 racing legends. Both Graham Hill, the man nicknamed ‘Mr Monaco’, and Michael Schumacher have won this race five times, Alain Prost took four victories, while Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Jackie Stewart were each three-time winners. The record, however, belongs to Ayrton Senna, who won in Monte Carlo on an impressive six occasions.

Nelson Piquet once likened the Monaco Grand Prix to riding a bicycle around his living room. The tight and twisting 3.337km circuit, lined with Armco, but offering next to nothing in the way of run-off, winds its way through famous landmarks such as Casino Square, the hairpin, the swimming pool and the Tunnel. It is so unforgiving that even the best drivers have ended their race in the barriers. But the pleasure of racing here always outweighs the pain, and non-stop, high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled entertainment is always guaranteed.

From great to good drivers, to greater than good after-parties. Once the racing is over, everyone heads to Amber Lounge, to celebrate (or commiserate). This equally high-octane brand of entertainment is a place where drivers, team members, media celebrities, Hollywood movie stars and discerning Formula 1 Followers rub shoulders throughout the Grand Prix weekend. And you can be part of it.

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