As Amber Lounge Singapore’s grooming and make-up team, Global Hair & Makeup, prepares for our next big event, we grabbed them to find out how you can look your best on Singapore Grand Prix week.

Singapore is an incredible event…

And the fashion show Amber Lounge stages always has amazing designers. Creating the ‘look’ is always exciting for the team as is catching up with the drivers. Singapore normally has the most dramatic fashion makeup look of all the shows we do. We always make time for a foot massage in Singapore and food is also something to look forward too. 

Global Hair & Makeup’s Top 3 beauty and make-up tips for a night out in Singapore…

• Definitely keep your makeup light and fresh.

• Let the skin’s natural glow come through and keep it simple.

• Use a good base whether it’s a moisturiser or a mattifying primer. 

• Use waterproof mascara to create beautiful lashes and if wearing eyeshadow keep it to a minimum.

• In hot weather or conditions you can run with just an eyeliner and mascara and a little cream blush.

• You can also apply a setting spray if you want at the end of your makeup. 

Our advice for men to look their best on a night out at Amber Lounge Singapore?… 

• For men, their skin will benefit from a moisturiser and they too can use a mist spray to feel fresh.

• Carrying several blotting papers in their pocket is a quick way to remove any excess perspiration from the face.

• When it comes to men, a great smelling cologne and a smile is the secret.

Grooming the F1 drivers for the catwalk… 

The drivers like a ‘less is more’ approach so when I have a driver sitting in my chair I keep the grooming light. I’ll start with moisturising the skin and also apply a lip balm. Any blemishes will be spot concealed and if required, I even out the skin tone with a little foundation BUT only if needed. To finish, I apply a dusting of translucent powder to stop shine so that the men look their best on the runway.

I have a lot of laughs with the drivers especially Pierre Gasly….

We normally chat about a range of things but nothing in particular. There are always other drivers around so they are joking and stirring each other. When I started working with the drivers 3 years ago, Daniel couldn’t believe I was coming at him with a makeup brush. Being Australian, like me, I remember saying “I’m Australian and we like our men are rugged, so relax”. That bought a laugh and a sense of relief so I was able to make Daniel feel comfortable.

Lots of comments and digs at each other with ‘he needs more makeup than any of us’, and one of my favourite liners to the drivers are “You’re perfect, so I don’t need to do too much”.

Working with the drivers is a pleasure and over the years I have had a lot of laughs with Max, Daniel, Pierre, Marcus, Esteban, Sergey, Charles, Brendan, Carmen and others.

Global Hair & Makeup chose to partner with Amber Lounge because…

Amber Lounge provides an elite product and a VIP experience to its guests which is in line with what Global Hair & Makeup offers. Global Hair & Makeup also provides talented makeup artists for VIP events and clients around the world so it was a perfect partnership.