The champagne is always free-flowing at Amber Lounge Singapore (16 & 17 September), but with the whole of F1 coming together to celebrate 10 years of spectacular night racing at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, we’ve chosen a very special cuvée as our Official House Champagne.

Lanson Black Label owes its name to Victor Lanson, a passionate visionary who in 1937 wished to pay homage to the key market of the House at the time, Great Britain.

This legendary champagne, with its eponymous Black Label, is the flagbearer for Lanson’s house style.

Made from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes, it is mouthwateringly fresh, crisp and full of flavour.

A universally loved non-vintage brut, Lanson Black Label embodies the refined characteristics of the Lanson house style: an uplifting combination of power, freshness and elegance. It makes the perfect aperitif.

Fresh and pure with aromas of flowers and a touch of honey, it is balanced with ripe citrus fruits and gently toasty flavours.

At the Charity Fashion Show and Afterparty on Saturday 16th September, and the Grand Prix Afterparty on Sunday 17th September, enjoy limitless Lanson Black Label on our Classic tables for 8 people, or at the Amber Lounge open bar for individual passholders.

Race to Party at Amber Lounge Singapore 2017. Email or telephone +65 97 92 84 65 / +377 97 77 16 34

16th September | Our SATURDAY EXTRAVAGANZA, including the spectacular Amber Lounge Formula 1 Driver Fashion Show

17th September | The Grand Prix Afterparty. What a night!