Partying day & night at Amber Lounge, the ultimate F1 lifestyle experience is thirsty work!

You need continuous energy, which is why we’re partnering with Rich Energy to provide our discerning guests with an exclusive beverage throughout the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. The Official Energy Drink will be served to our VIP clients, celebrities and F1 drivers in the club, at the Amber Lounge Fashion Show, and onboard the VIP yachts.

Rich Energy is a premium and innovative British energy drink defined by a crisp clean taste and high performance. It has been honed to perfection over the past 6 years by leading beverage experts, recently taking the UK and US markets by storm.

Its recipe has been a closely guarded secret. It is made from pure mineral water with optimal composition, sourced from a natural Alpine spring and to the finest organic sugar cane; two elements that conspire to provide the best sources of energy available.

Rich Energy’s focus is on performance and on a very active lifestyle making them the perfect partner for Amber Lounge, as the F1 crowd will be decimating the dance floor next weekend. Perfectly hydrated, of course.

Why not try it for yourself at Amber Lounge? Visit: