For the third consecutive year, Amber Lounge – The Original F1 Experience announced that it continues its successful collaboration with the German high performance automobile manufacturer, Porsche. During the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix weekend, the latter will display the latest 911 GT3 that will definitely amaze all car lovers and passionate guests.

Just like the German brand follows what is known as the Porsche Principle of offering the perfect cars, so does Amber Lounge adhere to the same commitment of providing its guests with the ultimate nightlife experience, as well as with the perfect F1 party.

Porsche is already known for translating performance into speed without neglecting the harmony of the design concept. For the company, the form always follows the function, but the overall concept of serving as an expression of freedom and a unique attitude to life has to hold.

The Monaco Grand Prix will be just the perfect moment for the brand to showcase a fantastic novelty of the industry, meanwhile guests will have the chance to sip a glass of champagne and enjoy the glamorous atmosphere offered by the sexiest F1 event in the world.

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