The Bahrain Grand Prix is the second stop of the Formula One season and it took place last weekend at Bahrain’s Sakhir Track. This is Bahrain’s third night race but in case you missed it here’s what happened:

  • Nico Rosberg had an easy first win at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Although his victory was well deserved, the problems that afflicted all three of his main rivals helped him finish first clearing the competition by 10 seconds. The Mercedes driver got off to a great start this season as he earned his title by triumphing at the Australian Grand Prix in March. Rosberg has won the last 5 Grand Prix awarding him a 17- point title lead over fellow teammate – Hamilton and making his career total an astonishing 16 wins!
  • Lewis Hamilton was unable to secure his third win at the Sakhir Track. Hamilton had a slow start and a clash with Williams’ Valterri Bottas at Turn One, causing him to drop to seventh place. Fortunately, Hamilton recovered well from the collision but was unable to catch up with Ferrari’s Raikkonen who finished in second place. Eventually Hamilton fought to finish in third.
  • Stoffel Vandoorne made his F1 debut for McLaren and finish solidly in 10th Vandoorne, who had out qualified teammate Jenson Button, was substituting for Fernando Alonso – the most successful driver in Bahrain Grand Prix history. Alonso was barred from racing in the Bahrain Grand Prix after suffering rib fractures and a partially collapsed lung in his 180 mph crash during Australia’s season opener. Many are praising Vandoorne for his remarkable F1 debut although he remains humble stating that he “maximized the opportunity [and is] quite satisfied” with the results.