Marta Zawadaka has especially prepared eight spectacular paintings for Amber Lounge Mexico City, including a portrait of the Mexican F1 Legends- the brothers Rodrigues, Ayrton Senna, James Hunt and Mario Andretti. Through her paintings, the artist starts a journey among colors, emotions and the depths of personality.

She expresses herself on canvas, and just like her work, Marta is strong, dynamic and spontaneous, and at the same time she is extremely sensitive and caring. Marta is supporting our idea of helping others, this is why she has put so much passion into the paintings that she is donating for the charity event at Amber Lounge Mexico City. Together with Marta and the Checo Perez Foundation, we are fighting to give the Mexican children who live in poverty and marginalization, a better life.

The portraits she created are in a perfect concordance with the fluorescent colors of the Amber Lounge party, so let yourself glow under the roof of Casino Campo Marte on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October, and check out yourself the wonders an artist can realize.