How would you feel if you sat down to watch a movie and someone removed your favourite scene? Well in 2014 F1 fans experienced just that at the Australian Grand Prix Circuit, being used to louder F1 cars with V8 engines but getting the 1.6 Turbo ones.

Melbourne newspaper The Age commented: “Noise might annoy, but the lack of noise annoys a formula one fan more than anything else.” 

This in turn resulted in the outrage of the Formula one boss Bernie Ecclestone who declared that this is a valuation of the contract they paid for and promised his audience a change.

This year the change did finally come!! Where F1 manufacturers improved the model of the V6 Engine by adding two exhaust pipes, which will play a major factor in increasing its sound. 

However the sound system is not the only thing the F1 Industry is looking to alter. James Allison the technical director of Ferrari just announced that he is planning to change the design of the cars in order to produce better looking and faster preforming racing vehicles for 2017. 

He believes that the “Formula one teams focus completely on function over form” and he chooses to shift that and eliminate the creation of ugly designs. 

It seems that the F1 industry is looking forward to a BrightLoud and Beautiful future.