It is said that men do not change their childhood affections; the only thing that changes is the price of their toys. Perhaps, the brightest illustration of such statement is a precious miniature replica of the “Bolide”, a race car of Formula-1, made by the jewelry company YANUSH GIOIELLI. Yanush Menasherov, the owner of the company, has created this unique piece after being inspired by his childhood affection – car racing. Growing up, he dreamt of becoming a true car racer… but as it happens in life, things oftentimes do not work the way we wanted, so now Yanush is the owner of the famous jewelry brand, and his creations, precious accessories and adornments, doll up the wealthiest of this world and shine in their private collections.

Thus, when the organizers of Amber Lounge offered him to participate in the event by presenting one of his jewelry creations, Yanush happily accepted. He also took it as a challenge to create something very special for the occasion – something that would dazzle the buyers and guests of the auction. As well as help this year’s charity, Amber Foundation (no connection to Amber Lounge but a happy coincidence) to raise substantial funding for the benefit of underprivileged teens, which would help them improve their circumstances.

Amber Lounge traditionally takes place in Monte-Carlo, with its latest additions in Singapore, Abu Dhabi & Mexico City, during the Formula-1 Gran Prix. Just like the Grand Prix, the auction attracts an endless roster of the world’s best – royals, celebrities, top executives and, of course, race car drivers, “Bolide pilots”. Naturally, it is hard to impress such crowd!

In order to create his unique piece, Yanush used 1/4 kg (248 g) of 14K gold and 2,188 precious stones – black, chocolate, and white diamonds, rubies and sapphires with total weight of 46 karats. This miniature “bolide” replica is impressive in all and every detail – from the painstaking copying of even a tiny car detail to an unbelievable harmony of stone positioning and color palette. A “pilot”, made out of rose gold, crowns the emotional warmth of the composition, rich in its exquisite style, and symbolizes the mastery of the real pilots of Formula-1. It’s hard to take your eyes away from this superb piece, you want to own it, to admire it forever!

Without a doubt, the lucky auction winner, who would bid the highest price for this lot, would then become an owner of the unique stroke of genius, the one-of-its-kind masterpiece of jewelry from YANUSH GIOIELLI. Which, by the way, is currently being evaluated for the Guinness Book of World Records!

But most essential, of course, is the fact that the money paid for this chefd’oeuvre will help the underprivileged teens, who are in need of special & caring attention from society, to fulfill their own childhood dreams!