This month, London’s Proud Galleries are commemorating 40 years since James Hunt’s 1976 Formula One World Championship victory; with an exhibition of photographs taken by renowned photographer David Phipps documenting the legend’s fast paced and wild life.

This exhibition chronicles historic photographs of the notorious British playboy racing driver throughout his career; from his early days in F1 to his move to McLaren to his infamous rivalry with Ferrari’s Niki Lauda for the 1976 Formula One World Championship. As a driver,

Hunt was known for having an aggressive, tail-happy driving style – thus given the nickname “Hunt the Shunt”. However, unlike most F1 drivers Hunt became better known for his life of debauchery and larger-than-life personality which have been very well recorded in Phipps’ photographs; which give a glimpse into the rare and behind-the-scene moments of Hunt’s professional & personal life.  Hunt had a turbulent life which he lived to the limit and against all odds went on to win one of the most dramatic championship battles in F1 History. Phipps’ collection of images spans the history of the Formula One driver from 1960-1985 capturing some of the most memorable and iconic moments in racing history. The photographs reveal candid and personal moments from his private life as well as highs & lows of his career as a Formula One driver and journey to victory.

If you’re in London between now and the 3rd of April, be sure to check out the exhibition Girls, Beer and Victory at the Proud Chelsea gallery. For more information please visit: