This January marks off the beginning of the Year of the Rooster, established by the Chinese zodiac cycle. The Year of the Rooster officially begins on January 28 2017, but the celebrations will begin on January 27, the New Year’s Eve and they last around two weeks.

This tradition is best marked with offering gifts and celebrations with the family. In addition, ringing bells, lighting of firecrackers and watching traditional lion and dragons dancing are said to bring good luck. Another interesting part is giving red envelopes stuffed with so-called “lucky money” for children, along with written wishes to grow up healthy.

But do you know what else would make a wonderful gift? You guessed it! Tickets to the Amber Lounge post-race parties will knock everyone (over 18 years-old) off their feet. And for those under 18, they can have something to look forward to for when they grow up.