Imperiali Genève, an excellent manufacturer of masterpieces, unveiled a world exclusive: the Emperador cigar chest. With an unparalleled marriage of cutting-edge technology, mechanics and 100% Swiss savoir-faire, Imperiali has introduced an array of superlatives.

Savoring a cigar has become a sacred moment thanks to Imperiali, and Amber Lounge will have the privilege to display the masterpiece during our next event in Monaco.
This young manufacturer company aspires to reinvent existing objects by transcending the bounds of reason, they are aiming to innovate, enrich and amaze- the same purpose as the one Amber Lounge is focusing on.

The cigar chest is made of 2,600 parts and it took 100 craftsmen 18,000 hours of work to make. You will have to come see for yourself what this wonder looks like at Amber Lounge Monaco 2017.

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