Global Hair & Makeup is an international team of hair & makeup artists who provide hair & makeup services to VIP clients and glamorous events throughout the world and Amber Lounge will be one of them. Indeed, they will be pampering the F1 drivers, F1 ladies and international supermodels just before they will walk the runway of Amber Lounge’s Fashion Show

Each Global Hair & Makeup team is hand-picked by Creative Director & lead makeup artist, Liz Bomben and made up of exceptionally talented, yet ‘internationally’ unknown hair and makeup artists whose work rivals those already in the limelight. Global Hair & Makeup was born out of Liz’s desire to provide talented hair & makeup artists with a platform to shine and showcase their talent & ability on a world stage. Liz believes that “talent is talent regardless of where you live, what age you are or who you know”.

Global Hair & Makeup is all about rewarding talent and we are so grateful to our partners who embrace this philosophy. The current team is made up of 12 hair & makeup artists from Australia.