The stage is set for one ‘hot’ party at Amber Lounge Singapore this year (16 & 17 September), but a limitless supply of brand new mineral water Vellamo will ensure our guests stay hydrated all night long.

Vellamo is a unique natural mineral water, bottled at source in Finland, where, as Unesco will tell you, the world’s best drinking water can be found. Discerning partygoers will be among the first to taste this exciting new label, which is well worth the wait!

Clouds, rain, snow, and a hundred thousand years of ice: nature’s own recipe for this completely pure and divine-tasting thirst-quencher. With Amber Lounge celebrating 10 years of the Singapore Grand Prix, and 15 years as the ultimate VIP lifestyle experience at Formula 1’s most exhilarating Grand Prix destinations, this partnership is the perfect combination of fire and ice.

Vellamo is available with bubbles (Amber Lounge loves bubbles!), or as still as the Nordic soil it springs from. We’ll have both on ice at our F1 Afterparties.

16th September | Our SATURDAY EXTRAVAGANZA, including the spectacular Amber Lounge Formula 1 Driver Fashion Show

17th September | The Grand Prix Afterparty. What a night! or telephone +377 97 77 16 34 / +33 6 80 86 52 02