“When the purity of an exceptional wine meets the precision of carbon” on the Amber Lounge Yacht during the final F1 weekend, we can only expect fantastic moments. Unlimited flows of Cuvee Carbon Champagne will be at our guests’ disposal on the yacht, as they are watching the race from the best spot of the marina.

In the Devavry family, five generations of passionate and established winegrowers have come up with this traditional yet innovative concept. Created from the best vines located on the famous slopes of the Champagne region, The Cuvee Carbon is just what it takes to cool off during the high-adrenaline weekend.

If you haven’t tried it already, it is absolutely requisite to be on the Amber Lounge yacht this weekend! Contact our team to book your pass at rae@amber-lounge.com.


For more details about Cuvee Carbon see http://cuveecarbon.com