Update: March 19, 2020 

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in the cancellation of the Monaco Historic and Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and the postponement of the Dutch Grand Prix, the Amber Lounge events related to these destinations will also be delayed until further notice. This is in addition to the previously announced postponement of Amber Lounge at the Vietnamese Grand Prix.

We continue to remain optimistic that these races will be reinstated later on in the season and if so, we will be there to celebrate in true Amber Lounge style. In the meantime, we are determined to make our 2020 events in Singapore and Abu Dhabi unforgettable and will make every endeavour to keep you informed of any further changes to the race schedule.

Finally, we extend our warmest wishes to everyone during these difficult circumstances and encourage you all to stay safe. We look forward to welcoming you at Amber Lounge again soon.

Update: March 12, 2020

As each event approaches, we have set up a task force that meets daily to discuss the latest developments and the inquiries coming in from the community to help us to determine a course of action. Our decisions and actions continue to be informed by local and global health authorities.

While we pay close attention to the latest developments, we’re continuing to work hard to deliver fantastic events. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns by emailing office@amber-lounge.com, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The staff of Amber Lounge are carefully monitoring developments related to the ongoing COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak to understand its potential impact on our global community and activities. 

As a global trade, we exist to serve our industry and provide platforms and spaces for connection. For over seventeen years, these events have been key deliverables of this ongoing commitment, and they play a critical role in supporting our community, especially in challenging times. 

We recommend that all on-site attendees, staff, and volunteers, follow World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations around health and hygiene, including: 

  • Washing your hands, or applying hand-disinfection products available around the venues, frequently;
  • Avoiding close personal contact or greetings like hugging, kissing, and handshakes; 
  • When feeling the urge to cough or sneeze, cover your face with the inside of your elbow;
  • Using paper handkerchiefs and promptly disposing of them; 
  • Avoiding close contact with anyone showing signs of illness. 

For the latest updates and recommendations on the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, visit the WHO website here.

This page contains answers frequently asked questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 on our activities, as well as some resources for staying safe at our events, and contact information should you have any additional questions. We will update this page as the situation evolves.