How would you feel if you sat down to watch a movie and someone removed your favourite scene? Well in 2014 F1 fans experienced just that at the Australian Grand Prix Circuit, being used to louder F1 cars with V8 engines but getting the 1.6 Turbo ones.

Melbourne newspaper The Age commented: “Noise might annoy, but the lack of noise annoys a formula one fan more than anything else.” 

This in turn resulted in the outrage of the Formula one boss Bernie Ecclestone who declared that this is a valuation of the contract they paid for and promised his audience a change.

This year the change did finally come!! Where F1 manufacturers improved the model of the V6 Engine by adding two exhaust pipes, which will play a major factor in increasing its sound. 

However the sound system is not the only thing the F1 Industry is looking to alter. James Allison the technical director of Ferrari just announced that he is planning to change the design of the cars in order to produce better looking and faster preforming racing vehicles for 2017. 

He believes that the “Formula one teams focus completely on function over form” and he chooses to shift that and eliminate the creation of ugly designs. 

It seems that the F1 industry is looking forward to a BrightLoud and Beautiful future. 

Are you ready for the Canadian Grand Prix?

After the crazy week end of the Monaco Grand Prix where 17 F1 drivers celebrated at Amber Lounge, time has come to head to Montreal for the seventh 2016 Formula One race.  

From June the 10th until June the 12th, the 46th edition of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand prix will be held in Montreal. The participants will ride on the motor racing circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, located on the Île Notre-Dame. The 4.361-kilometre circuit sees the cars travel 305.27 kilometers over the course of the 70-lap race.

According to Pirelli's race preview, the Canadian Grand Prix "will present a number of different challenges to Monaco, with notably higher speeds and higher loads that generate more temperature and put increased energy through the tyres".

Concerning the positions, Lewis Hamilton is currently 24 points behind his title rival Nico Rosberg. The third position is currently taken by Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo. The pressure is back on for the drivers who might face unpleasant weather conditions; the BBC forecasted a cloudy weather for Saturday and some rain on Sunday morning.

Let’s wish them luck!


Sunday May 29th, Amber Lounge, The Original F1 After-Party, celebrated the 74thMonaco Grand Prix with hip-hop singer Akon, Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham, vice-captain of Manchester United Michael Carrick and 17 F1 drivers.

A line-up of F1 drivers including Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Räikkönen, Valtteri Bottas,

Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso along with celebrities such as Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, JC Chasez and Harry Roselmack, let their hair down with crème de la crème guests until the early morning. The Grand Prix hotspot, Amber Lounge, proved once again to be the only place to be during the F1 race weekends.

Songstress Jasmine Thompson, world-renowned for her single with Robin Schultz ‘Sun Goes Down’ and American singer-songwriter Parson James who rose to fame after featuring on KYGO’s massively popular hit ‘Stole The Show’ and recently released his debut EP, ‘Temple’, kept the crowd buzzing all night alongside international DJs among which were African-Norwegian DJ Nico & Vinz, who kept the party going until the early hours of the morning.

During the racing weekend, Amber Lounge Luxury Yacht immersed its guests into the high-octane atmosphere of F1 with the ultimate race-viewing hospitality. David Coulthard and Nico Hulkenberg arrived to the yacht in a Fjord France tender and rubbed shoulders with celebrities, sporting personalities and VIPs.

This year also marked the launch of Amber Lounge’s brand new party concept Extravaganza which entertained the audience with over 20 live performances: burlesque & hip hop dancers, saxophonists, drummers and singers.

During the champagne and tequila fueled night, Amber Lounge delivered non-stop club action to the celebrities, drivers, team members, fans and international elitists at their most memorable F1 party experience, Extravaganza!

Amber Lounge, known as the world’s sexiest Grand Prix parties, closed the Monaco Grand Prix with a bang! Throughout the action packed weekend, the A-list attendees enjoyed fabulous Big Boys’ Toys ranging from a very unique version of the iconic 911 Porsche, a watercraft masterpiece invented by

Kormaran, Robusto House cigars and superb cocktails by Vodka Beluga Noble. Monaco’s glamorous Grand Prix has come to a close but Amber Lounge will keep rocking the F1 weekends in Singapore, Mexico City and Abu Dhabi.


Amber Summer is the brand new concept of Sonia Irvine, founder of Amber Lounge, a stylish, unique, VIP day & night F1 experience where F1 teams, drivers, sponsors, royalty, VIP guests and celebrities can relax and enjoy themselves away from the glare of press and media.

In June 2016 Sonia Irvine launches her brand new summer concept Amber Summer for the first time in Monaco at Le Méridien Beach Plaza. Amber Summer offers a beach season experience in Monaco from the late afternoon to the early morning.  

Open from June 2nd to September 30th from 5pm to 12pm as a chill-out dance lounge, from 12pm to 5am with all night dine & wine and from 5am to 7am as a breakfast lounge, Amber Summer will be located at Le Méridien Beach Plaza in front of Monaco’s most beautiful beach. Amber Summer will exude the brand’s signature nightlife experience offering unparalleled service, chill-out cabanas, shisha pipes, smooth DJ vibes and an Asian-style menu.

Amber Summer is the ultimate destination for locals and visitors alike to spend luxurious afternoons and memorable nights beside the Mediterranean Sea overlooking the Monaco skyline. Guests will enjoy themselves on exotic, oversized white lounge couches, sipping champagne and dancing to the late evening grooves of Amber Summer’s world-class DJs.

Amber Summer is the perfect combination of lounging, dining and dancing, and #WeLoveAmberSummer will quickly be on everyone’s lips in Monaco and all around the world.

Beluga Vodka brings a taste of Siberia to Amber Lounge Monaco 2016

This season is going to be the hottest one yet for Amber Lounge during the Monaco Grand Prix. We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary of Amber Fashion, we will witness the re-birth of Saturday nights at Amber Lounge with the new Extravaganza concept and the guest list is more star studded than any other year.

The only thing that will be icy is Beluga Noble Russian Vodka made by the Mariinsk Distillery masters in Russia. Beluga Vodka has a rich and refined taste due to its unique composition of malt spirit and the purest water from Siberian artisan wells, that all our guests will enjoy. Using a highly technical triple filtering system, the vodka is then laid to rest for more than thirty days leaving behind a rich and soft flavor to savor.

Smooth enough to drink it straight, on-the-rocks or with a twist. During this Grand Prix Season, Amber Lounge will be shaking it up with Noble Russian Vodka, the authentic Russian vodka made by Beluga.


Amber Lounge is iconic in luxury and exclusivity, so is very excited to be partnering with Little Black Dress for a second year in a row.

Little Black Dress offers multiple styles of dresses for different kinds of occasions.

“I can’t wait to see our beautiful hostesses all dressed up at Amber Lounge Monaco!” says Sonia Irvine, Founder of Amber Lounge.

Sonia Irvine is keen on Little Black Dress’ wardrobe possession as you can find the perfect outfit for any event. “From casual to cocktails or VIP parties, you will find what you need for sure!”

Providing a premium style element to Original F1 Party, Amber Lounge, Little Black Dress will be the hostesses brand for their 2016 events.

Little Black Dress will be joining Amber Lounge on their Formula One tour Beginning in Monaco, Singapore, Mexico City and Abu Dhabi.

Cuvée Carbon - A present of excellence on the Amber Lounge yachts

Made out of the finest grapes, Grands Crus, grown in the greatest locations in the Champagne area in France, the Reims Mountain, the Marne Valley and the Côtes des Blancs, this very exclusive Champagne will, for sure, surpass a large part of the major brands currently well-known.

The very design of the bottle, hand-made out of pure carbon, which brings an undeniable elegance to the delicacy of the beverage, will undoubtedly seduce customers, looking for an innovative and exclusive high end Champagne.

Because Cuvée CARBON is the haute Couture of the winery, and Amber Lounge is the haute Couture of F1 Grand Prix weekends, these amazing brands have decided to unite for the great pleasure of Amber Lounge Hospitality’s guests.

Join us on our amazing yachts to watch the race from the best point of view in the famous Port Hercule in Monaco, meet & greet F1 drivers, party and relax, all that while sipping champagne Cuvée CARBON!

Jewelry masterpiece to be sold at the Amber Lounge charity auction in Monaco!

It is said that men do not change their childhood affections; the only thing that changes is the price of their toys. Perhaps, the brightest illustration of such statement is a precious miniature replica of the “Bolide”, a race car of Formula-1, made by the jewelry company YANUSH GIOIELLI. Yanush Menasherov, the owner of the company, has created this unique piece after being inspired by his childhood affection – car racing. Growing up, he dreamt of becoming a true car racer... but as it happens in life, things oftentimes do not work the way we wanted, so now Yanush is the owner of the famous jewelry brand, and his creations, precious accessories and adornments, doll up the wealthiest of this world and shine in their private collections.

Thus, when the organizers of Amber Lounge offered him to participate in the event by presenting one of his jewelry creations, Yanush happily accepted. He also took it as a challenge to create something very special for the occasion – something that would dazzle the buyers and guests of the auction. As well as help this year's charity, Amber Foundation (no connection to Amber Lounge but a happy coincidence) to raise substantial funding for the benefit of underprivileged teens, which would help them improve their circumstances.

Amber Lounge traditionally takes place in Monte-Carlo, with its latest additions in Singapore, Abu Dhabi & Mexico City, during the Formula-1 Gran Prix. Just like the Grand Prix, the auction attracts an endless roster of the world’s best – royals, celebrities, top executives and, of course, race car drivers, “Bolide pilots”. Naturally, it is hard to impress such crowd!

In order to create his unique piece, Yanush used 1/4 kg (248 g) of 14K gold and 2,188 precious stones – black, chocolate, and white diamonds, rubies and sapphires with total weight of 46 karats. This miniature “bolide” replica is impressive in all and every detail - from the painstaking copying of even a tiny car detail to an unbelievable harmony of stone positioning and color palette. A “pilot”, made out of rose gold, crowns the emotional warmth of the composition, rich in its exquisite style, and symbolizes the mastery of the real pilots of Formula-1. It’s hard to take your eyes away from this superb piece, you want to own it, to admire it forever!

Without a doubt, the lucky auction winner, who would bid the highest price for this lot, would then become an owner of the unique stroke of genius, the one-of-its-kind masterpiece of jewelry from YANUSH GIOIELLI. Which, by the way, is currently being evaluated for the Guinness Book of World Records!

But most essential, of course, is the fact that the money paid for this chefd'oeuvre will help the underprivileged teens, who are in need of special & caring attention from society, to fulfill their own childhood dreams!

Global Hair & Makeup will partner with Amber Lounge as their official Beauty Partner

Global Hair & Makeup is an international team of hair & makeup artists who provide hair & makeup services to VIP clients and glamorous events throughout the world and Amber Lounge will be one of them. Indeed, they will be pampering the F1 drivers, F1 ladies and international supermodels just before they will walk the runway of Amber Lounge’s Fashion Show

Each Global Hair & Makeup team is hand-picked by Creative Director & lead makeup artist, Liz Bomben and made up of exceptionally talented, yet 'internationally' unknown hair and makeup artists whose work rivals those already in the limelight. Global Hair & Makeup was born out of Liz's desire to provide talented hair & makeup artists with a platform to shine and showcase their talent & ability on a world stage. Liz believes that "talent is talent regardless of where you live, what age you are or who you know".

Global Hair & Makeup is all about rewarding talent and we are so grateful to our partners who embrace this philosophy. The current team is made up of 12 hair & makeup artists from Australia.

London’s most exciting and talented designer Osman to dress Formula One’s leading Ladies at Amber Fashion Monaco

London’s leading fashion designer Osman Yousefzada is set to dress the fabulous Formula One ladies and international supermodels at this year’s fashion show coming up in May. The most beautiful girls will be modelling Osman’s unique, architectural and timeless designs on the Amber Fashion runway in front of an A-list audience. 

Osman is no stranger to A-listers. His sculptural, elegant and beautifully tailored designs have been worn by some of the most powerful and independent women in the world such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, J-Lo and Lady Gaga to name a few.

The purpose of the fashion show is to raise money towards the Amber Foundation, a UK charity organization aimed at changing the lives of young people battling with drug & alcohol abuse, homelessness and mental health issues.

This show will take you on a journey through the London based designer’s strong aesthetic inspired by abstract art, ethnicity and the costume of ancient cultures accompanied by live musical performances, creating an innovative and dynamic show like never before!