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With more than two decades of Grand Prix experience, Amber Lounge hospitality are the go-to experts for luxury accommodation, Yacht race viewing, F1® Team Paddock Club, race viewing terraces, VIP transfers and official F1® Experiences packages during the Grand Prix Weekend.

Our ultimate 2-day hospitality package introduces guests to the high-octane world of F1® with trackside yacht race viewing and Amber Lounge packages where you mingle with F1® drivers, celebrities, sporting personalities and other VIPs. - All-inclusive premium yacht hospitality with celebrity and F1® driver appearances as well as entrance to Amber Lounge. The most memorable Grand Prix experience both on and off the track.

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Amber Lounge Welcomes Financial Times

Amber Lounge Welcomes Financial Times

Amber Lounge is thrilled to announce the Financial Times’s lifestyle supplement How To Spend Itas Official Media Partner for our Monaco and Singapore events in 2019.

The How To Spend Itmagazine will be seen throughout the Charity Fashion Show and Live Auction, Friday May 24thand on board the Amber Lounge trackside yachts, where guests will be enjoying luxury race viewing during Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

The Amber Lounge Charity Fashion Show and Live Auction has raised over USD 5 million for a range of important Foundations since 2006. This year, all money raised will be donated to Sir Jackie Stewart’s Race Against Dementia charity.

As well as producing the world’s leading business publication, their supplement lifestyle magazine How To Spend Ithas been part of FT for 25 years. It is the ultimate luxury magazine - and website - for high-net-worth audiences across the world.

The FT has recently celebrated the milestone of securing its one-millionth paying reader, with digital subscriptions now accounting for more than three-quarters of the FT’s circulation.

“The FT is hugely excited to be partnering with Amber Lounge throughout their 2019 Formula 1 programme,” said David Buttle, Financial Times Global Commercial Marketing Director. 

“Their famed events are the perfect platform to build the brand of our luxury lifestyle magazine How To Spend It amongst high-net-worth discerning, global audiences.

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International Women’s Day Inspiration: The Amber Lounge Team Says…

March 8th marks International Women’s Day around the globe, the day where we recognise women’s achievement and equality.

With the Amber Lounge office brimming with strong, inspirational women, we thought we’d share some words of wisdom to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Let’s start with Amber Lounge’s CEO and Founder, Sonia Irvine:

As a successful business woman… Perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a business woman is to be able to combine the life of being a mother and running a successful company. I think that’s what makes things harder being a woman is that often you tend to feel more responsible on the family side of things. You’re trying to run your business at an extremely high level and then trying to be the best mum that you can be. I believe I’m a very stimulating mum for my kids and a very good role model.

Working in the male dominated world of Formula 1… I don’t think there really are any challenges. There’s no difference being a man or a woman in Formula 1. I’ve always tried to approach it with a positive head and turn it around to my advantage. I don’t go in there thinking ‘oh God I’m a woman’, I just think I’ve got to do my job. In the world of Formula 1 everything has to be to perfection, the garage, the cars, the hospitality, and that’s how I’ve approached Amber Lounge. I’ve always had the mind-set that I can do whatever I put my mind to, so if I want to do something I never think of why I can’t do it I always just think, ‘oh that’s a good idea’ and I go out and do it.

To build a multi-million Euro business… Believe in yourself! It’s a lot of hard work at times juggling family and work. So, work hard, it’s only you who can make things happen.

My advice for other business women?... The world is as exciting as you make it. We are only here once, so let’s make that once as amazing as it can be for ourselves and for everyone we encounter.

Being resilient... I think that’s where a woman’s attributes really help because I never give up and I’ve had one blow after another, after another. We do tend to keep picking ourselves up and keep going onto the next thing.

Balancing work life and personal life… My home is my sanctuary. I love to come back home and enjoy the family time my children.My kids are my source of relaxation. I love playing sports, games, going on bike rides with them, it’s important to keep your professional and personal life in balance if you want to succeed in juggling them both.

The best decisions of my life?... To have children and to create Amber Lounge.

Leaving an impression on Formula 1… I’ve loved motorsport for as long as I can remember. Now having forged my own path in the industry, through Amber Lounge, bringing glamour, excitement and the VIP edge to Grands Prix for over 16 years, I feel I’ve made my mark.


The Women of Amber Lounge Say…


Liana, Office Manager: 

A successful business woman is someone who’s confident, trusts her instincts and manages to achieve her goals, and if this includes PASSION that is simply NIRVANA! My advice to others, no gender specific here, is work hard, challenge and educate yourself constantly, learn to appreciate good feedback, learn to take a negative one (what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger) and ultimately treat people well.


Giorgia, Hospitality Consultant:

I am helping to break the glass ceiling in business for generations to come and help break the stereotypical opinions of women in the workplace. My advice would be things are tough and challenging but the end result makes it all worth it so keep going and persevere with whatever you are thrown into.


Jana, Sales Manager:

For me being successful means being strong, independent, believing in yourself, and at the same time staying feminine and human in your nature. Advice: to believe in yourself, never give up and listen to your intuition and heart.


Marissa, Sponsorship Consultant:

In order to be a successful woman in business I believe you need to be strong, passionate, and driven. I would tell other women to believe in yourself continuously and work hard in order to thrive in the workplace


Lauren, Sales Manager:

It’s all about having the right mindset. You have to be strong-willed, committed and have a positive attitude. If you believe in yourself, enjoy the opportunities that arise and continuously challenge yourself, then you will naturally rise to the top.


Jehanne, Sales Manager:

Successful… a person who is able to achieve their goals and to win the respect of her team and colleagues, who respect the others and work in team. A good balance between her professional and personal life. Always consider your personal life as an important part, this is where you find your strength and peace, to be better at work.


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24-25 November at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

It was a night that will go down in history as Amber Lounge welcomed the Formula 1 drivers, teams and party-loving international guests for the celebration of the year.


F1 drivers entered Amber Lounge’s luxury oasis on Sunday night and let their hair down for one of the greatest end-of-season parties to date. Fernando Alonso, departing from the Championship after 17 years, was joined by his fellow drivers Max Verstappen, Kevin Magnussen, Carlos Sainz, Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, Stoffel Vandoorne, Marcus Ericsson, Brendon Hartley, Sergey Sirotkin, Antonio Gionivazzi.

International cricketer Chris Gayle and former pro football player Michael Brown were also spotted in the crowd.

When the time came to say goodbye to the Spaniard, the club plunged into darkness for the ‘Black Out’ moment, then lit up with 17 specially designed bottles of Moët Champagne filled with sparklers and flashing lights. Each bottle signified a year he has competed in Formula 1.

Emotions ran high as Sigala announced the exclusive bottle moment which was delivered in true Amber Lounge style, fueling the euphoric atmosphere. Joining Sigala on stage Alonso soaked up the elated vibes as the superstar DJ revved up the ecstatic crowd with an ultra-energetic performance.

To add to the electric energy, the Grey Goose bar illuminated the exclusive party. The ‘For The Hunters’ inspired terrace area was a favourite for partygoers after a chic but relaxing vibe.

Amber Lounge will be back in 2019 bigger and better than ever, with parties and luxury events and experiences both inside and outside F1. The next event, Amber Lounge Monaco on May 24th, 25th and 26th, will offer the ultimate in luxury race viewing on the trackside Celebrity Yachts, terraces or Paddock Clubs combined with a unique party experience and Amber Lounge Charity Fashion Show.

Sonia Irvine said: “It was one of the most incredible nights we’ve ever had at Amber Lounge. Although it was sad to see a much-loved driver as Fernando end his career in F1, we were honoured to hold the official celebrations for him. I think what we created was worthy of an F1 legend.”



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Abu Dhabi 24/25 November | Monaco 24/25/26 May 2019 | Singapore 21/22 September 2019


24-25 November at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Craig David’s mesmerising vocals, Sigala rocking the DJ decks and Amber Lounge filled with an energetic crowd peaking with excitement. This how the ultra-exclusive opening party will be remembered.


Two of the UK’s finest music talents set the scene for a memorable night that was certainly worthy of Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi’s 10thAnniversary celebrations. Since the first Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Amber Lounge has created a benchmark for the ultimate weekend of parties, and Saturday night took this to another level.

The vibe on the dance floor heated up as Craig David filled guests’ ears with his soulful songs including hits '7 Days' and 'Fill Me In'. 

International DJ Sigala took to the stage to join Craig for their worldwide hit 'Ain't Giving Up' before entertaining the party into the early hours of Sunday morning. Crowd favourites of Sigala’s tunes were 'I Came Here for Love', 'Just Got Paid', 'Sweet Lovin'.

The luxury party was decked out in its stunning new crystal theme, with enormous chandeliers and sleek black sofas. Table guests were served by glamorous Grey Goose brand ambassadors. An edgy atmosphere was in the air within “For The Hunters” exclusive area on the outside terrace. 

Amber Lounge ‘VIP Weekend Package’ guests arrived in style from a day of luxury hospitality on the Amber Lounge yacht to the opening party. They’ll top off their ultimate Abu Dhabi GP weekend by enjoying Sunday’s Amber Lounge Yacht experience.

Formula 1 drivers, teams and executives as well as celebrities will join the party on Sunday for the conclusion of the 2018 season, where Amber Lounge will celebrate the legendary Fernando Alonso’s retirement from F1.

Craig David said: “I had a great time, the atmosphere was electric and the dance floor was on fire. See you again soon!”
Sigala said: “Playing with Craig again at one of Amber Lounge’s legendary parties was amazing. I’m ready to do it all again on Sunday night.”

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, 24 & 25 November, 11pm - late
Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi, Yas Links Golf Club, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi 24/25 November | Monaco 24/25/26 May 2019 | Singapore 21/22 September 2019

Exploring Abu Dhabi

As Formula 1 fans from across the world arrive in the stunning Middle-East for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix week, we caught up with the destination experts Momento to find out their top travel tips.

The best places to visit in Abu Dhabi and Dubai...

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Dubai Fountain, Yacht cruise around The Palm and Desert drive in Range Rover.

For Abu Dhabi, the top 3 places will be Desert Safari experience in Liwa Desert, visit at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Yas Marina Circuit.

The most exclusive and best party experience during F1 season...

Amber Lounge has a fresh and young atmosphere that Momento represents. It is also the most exclusive and best party experience during F1 season that our clients are looking forward to.

Partying at Amber Lounge…

Is one of the unforgettable and luxurious party experiences that you could ever imagine in UAE. We are looking forward to a star-studded all-night party with the best DJ that will be full of fun, excitement and entertainment that our clients will truly enjoy.”



Legendary singer Craig David will join international DJ Sigala to complete a world-class lineup for the 10th Anniversary of Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi over the Grand Prix weekend. 
There’s no doubt the Grammy nominee’s performance will fill the dancefloor and raise the roof as the charismatic crowd parties to a few of his memorable tunes. 
Craig and Sigala collaborated on ‘Ain’t Giving Up’ and now will create a euphoric atmosphere throughout the night as they perform on stage together once again, on Saturday November 24th. 
UK artist Craig has sold over 15 million records worldwide, secured 20 UK top 40 singles and scored 7 UK top 40 albums. He has played at the world’s most prestigious venues and was a clear favourite at the famed Glastonbury Festival last year.
Craig David said: “I’m looking forward to an unbelievable celebration at Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi and a wicked party too.”
Sonia Irvine said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have Craig David join our 10thAnniversary celebrations, it’s going to be an unmissable show and certainly a weekend to remember.”

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, 24 & 25 November, 11pm-6am
Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi, Yas Links Golf Club, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
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Grey Goose
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Bring on the Bottle Moments

What makes an unforgettable night during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix even better? Stunning, sassy girls delivering the finest Champagne to your table in the most dramatic, elegant, head-turning way.  

Amber Lounge’s show-stopping bottle moments raise the roof every time to live up to our reputation as Formula 1’s most sought-after parties.

With Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi just over a week away, here are the options to spice up your night as DJ Sigala’s world-famous songs fill your ears…

Tables with bottle moments:


The Amber Lounge girls and Grey Goose girls serve up a sparkling 6L Methuselam bottle of champagne with music and screen accompaniment.

USD 23,500


(for those clients with tables)


A spectacular ‘BLACK OUT’ moment. After a dramatic countdown and all lights out, our Amber Lounge girls will present your table with 30 sparkling bottles of Dom Perignon accompanied by exclusive entertainment.

USD 30,000


The Grey Goose Girls present you with your sparkling 3L Jeroboam of vodkawith music and screen accompaniment.

USD 6,000

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International DJ Sigala to Rock Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi

Having dominated the DJ decks at some of the world’s biggest and best dance music festi-vals and clubs, including Tomorrowland, Creamfields Festival, Ushuaia Ibiza and Amnesia Ibiza, Sigala is heading for Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi.

Playing exclusive shows on November 24 and 25, the songwriting sensation will entertain partygoers during the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend as party of Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

DJ Sigala boasts 6 platinum singles and 8 gold singles, 4 million UK sales and 8 million worldwide sales with a ludicrous 800 million Spotify streams. He spent 130 weeks in the UK charts and became the number one most played British male on UK commercial radio.

Amber Lounge caught up with the popular DJ during his UK tour to see what he has in store for our guests in Abu Dhabi. Get your tickets, tables and VIP Weekend Package here.

I perform at a lot of incredible events around the world and Amber Lounge is up there…

Everyone is always up for a huge party, the drinks are flowing and the vibe is amazing. This gig obviously has the huge bonus of being able to watch the Grand Prix at the same time - It’s awesome!

Amber Lounge in 3 words...

Epic, charismatic, cool.

My best memory from Amber Lounge Monaco this year…

Being up on stage with all the crowd going crazy is always great for a DJ. I spotted some of the F1 drivers partying too and that was mega.

Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi will be…

Probably a totally different experience (to Monaco). I’ve heard this is another really unique and extravagant party so the crowd should be awesome. I’m really looking forward to see-ing an Amber Lounge party of a different kind.

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An Amber Summer Inspired Wedding

Amber Summer brought their signature creative flair and elegance to a different kind of party last week. Hired for their luxury event expertise, Amber Summer created the perfect bespoke wedding for one loved-up couple in the South of France.

Designed, managed and run by the same team that brings the world’s best and most exclusive Amber Lounge Formula 1 parties to life, the chic wedding brought together exquisite dining, magnificent décor and a brilliant atmosphere to create a one-of-a-kind celebration.

The French Riviera wedding venue was transformed into an exquisite retreat with a hint of classic Amber Summer.

The bride, groom and their guests celebrated with personalised cocktails as a string quartet set the mood before fine dining began.

As the accoustic jazz band lit up the dancefloor the ecstatic bride said, “I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect day if I tried.”

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