This season is going to be the hottest one yet for Amber Lounge during the Monaco Grand Prix. We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary of Amber Fashion, we will witness the re-birth of Saturday nights at Amber Lounge with the new Extravaganza concept and the guest list is more star studded than any other year.

The only thing that will be icy is Beluga Noble Russian Vodka made by the Mariinsk Distillery masters in Russia. Beluga Vodka has a rich and refined taste due to its unique composition of malt spirit and the purest water from Siberian artisan wells, that all our guests will enjoy. Using a highly technical triple filtering system, the vodka is then laid to rest for more than thirty days leaving behind a rich and soft flavor to savor.

Smooth enough to drink it straight, on-the-rocks or with a twist. During this Grand Prix Season, Amber Lounge will be shaking it up with Noble Russian Vodka, the authentic Russian vodka made by Beluga.