After the crazy week end of the Monaco Grand Prix where 17 F1 drivers celebrated at Amber Lounge, time has come to head to Montreal for the seventh 2016 Formula One race.  

From June the 10th until June the 12th, the 46th edition of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand prix will be held in Montreal. The participants will ride on the motor racing circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, located on the Île Notre-Dame. The 4.361-kilometre circuit sees the cars travel 305.27 kilometers over the course of the 70-lap race.

According to Pirelli’s race preview, the Canadian Grand Prix “will present a number of different challenges to Monaco, with notably higher speeds and higher loads that generate more temperature and put increased energy through the tyres”.

Concerning the positions, Lewis Hamilton is currently 24 points behind his title rival Nico Rosberg. The third position is currently taken by Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo. The pressure is back on for the drivers who might face unpleasant weather conditions; the BBC forecasted a cloudy weather for Saturday and some rain on Sunday morning.

Let’s wish them luck!