The hair experts behind Amber Lounge’s Fashion Shows reveal the story and tradition behind their creative styles, and what it’s really like to work with Daniel Ricciardo’s locks.

Our brand Inmann stands for a long tradition…

We are running our hair dressing salon in the fourth generation and our salon has been existing for more than 100 years now and we are very successful national and international. Marco Inmann styled Grace Jones in Venice and had his own fashion-show at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, only to name a few steps in the past.

On the other hand we are known for translating and creating the latest trends and styles, luxurious but always with a touch of casualness, that’s essential for us. And that’s what we also see in regard to Amber Lounge, luxury feeling and great locations, happy people but in a relaxed and friendly ambiance – and moreover for a good cause!

We can identify with that very well and for us it’s a great pleasure and we are very proud to be partner of Amber Lounge over 12 years now.

At Amber Lounge Singapore…

We look forward to the cooperation and new ideas of the designer – to help to bring these ideas to the catwalk, to work with great people. What I especially look forward to is that my team (and me) will be able to demonstrate our skills and professionalism, and of course we will enjoy the great party after a successful show! :-)))

Hair styling tips for a night out in Singapore?

To brave the humidity and heat use products without H2O or anti-frizz products like hair oils. And for ladies… natural looking updo like a loose bun in the neck, wet look combed out of the face with a glossy finish, plaits for day and night.

Working with the F1 drivers…

Daniel Ricciardo to Marco Inmann backstage at the Amber Lounge Fashion Show in Monaco: We have the same hair, very curly, I trust him to 100% – winners are looking like that! …next day Daniel had pole position and the day after he won the race with second place.

A few years ago, Jenson Button said he had never looked as good as he does now, backstage at the Fashion Show.

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